Sunday, June 7, 2009

Serial Duplex

In this lab, multiple sensor values are sent to the computer via serial. A Processing sketch listens to the port and interperets the data, first separating the three sensor values, then reading the two analog values (potentiometers) as x and y coordinates for a circle and the one digital (button) value as whether or not to display the circle
(switching it from black to white)

The board:

The board and Processing sketch (note my hand pressing the button in the bottom left):

For my own interface, I sent serial data from a photoresistor reading to control the red and green values of a point light illuminating a sphere in Processing's 3d renderer:

(Note the position of my hand, blocking the photoresistor's light. As the photoresistor is put in darkness, the orange light on the blue sphere brightens.)

The board:

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